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What is Builderium?

Builderium is a platform connecting construction workers and contractors clients. At present, there are three pronounced problems with the construction industry.

  1. Increasing competition makes finding clients increasingly difficult.
  2. Constructions workers can't find job offers they are looking for in their living area.
  3. Clients are not sure about the quality of construction workers they are about to hire. Also, the price may be to steep for a project.
Builderium platform aims to solve all those problems.

A New Way to Build!

Builderium eliminates the inherently difficult and expensive techniques of conventional building. Improving the process for both clients and building contractors.

How Does it Work?

As a client, simply submit the details of your project and the relevant professionals will be informed of your proposal. Then, these professionals partake in reverse auctions to ascertain who will complete the project and for how much. It works in such a way that you get to work with the lowest bid submitted.

As a contractor, you bid for any project you are comfortable to accomplish.

As construction worker – you can browse for construction jobs in the area you would like to work at.

Why Builderium?

Builderium, a platform connecting construction companies with a local client searching for a full-time or temporary project.

Your project will be matched with perfect and professional client profiles based on location, skill, and experience.

Current Assessment of the Construction Market

In the US alone, an estimated spending of 773 billion dollars is anticipated. The Association of Southeast Nations (ASEAN) market for construction is also projected to exceed 1 trillion dollars. Europe isn’t lagging behind either. According to Deloitte, there’s an expected increase in construction transaction in the European countries. This means there’s a large market for construction.


Why use Builderium?

For Clients
Get Quality Building Service on a Limited Budget
Clients always love it when their needs are attended to on their terms. Builderium makes that wish a reality, and now you can have different multinational companies bidding for a chance to realize your dream building.
Secure Blockchain Technology for Payment
There’s no excuse for delayed or failed transactions. Our secure payment network with unique decentralized features ensure that there’s no chance for fraud or criminal activities.
For Building Contractors
Eliminate the Cost of Advertising Annually
The average construction firm spends about $25,000 annually on advertising while a few others spend as much as $250,000 to $500,000. With Builderium, these expenses are no longer incurred.
Instant Transactions with Blockchain
There’s no cause for alarm. This platform eliminates the issue of non-payment or delayed payment as the client pays into a holding account before the commencement of the project. Upon completion, a secure, easy, and fast means of transfer is initiated, enabling you to get your funds as soon as possible.
Increase Reputation and Ranking
For new businesses, getting the trust of customers can be hard. On Builderium, each contractor is manually vetted and upon completion of projects, reviews are provided.

Project Roadmap

2018 Q1

Development of Builderium Platform


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